Alas, no camera.

October 7, 2008

Sometimes I feel that my most beautifully presented dishes are made when I don’t have access to a camera.  Today I made a recipe from “Twist of the Wrist” by Nancy Silverton from Le Brea Bakery.

It showcases “not-from-scratch” meals made with quality pre-prepared canned and jarred goods.  It also, fortunately, has some really beautiful culinary photography.  For a work-related project I fallowed her recipe for Butternut Squash Soup with Sauteed Farro, Pancetta, wilted spinach, and pumpkin seed oil.

Here are the changes I made

-I made my own butternut squash soup by roasting the butternut with duck fat and fresh ground cumin seed. Then Pureeing with roast onion, and some dry white wine vinegar.

-instead of using canned prepared Farro I cooked the dried Farro we carry at the deli (with a 1 to 2.5 grain to water ratio) , and once it was cooked I sauteed it with our sun-dried garlic rather than using fresh minced garlic.

-Insteed of kosher salt I used our Welsh Halen Mon salt.

-I used the acorn addition pancetta from La Quercia.

As soon as it was prepared I rushed it all to the deli to be enjoyed by my coworkers.  Once it was plated with a drizzle of pumpkin seed oil it was one of the most beautiful dishes I have ever made; it tasted absolutely delicious.  It was the perfect fall dish.  Sadly, my camera was out of juice, and the moment was not captured for all.

But here’s a picture of a pretty kitchen thing in its place.  Inspired by my coffee tasting class today, and by my desire to learn how to pull a perfect shot of espresso.

Oh little retro espresso machine.  You are to lovely for words.



  1. Hey Katie,
    I love your blog! I’ve really gotten into cooking lately (you learn quickly when the “restaurants” in town only serve beans and corn tortillas) and I love to see what people can do with real kitchen appliances and fun ingredients. I’ve also been trying to decorate on my little living allowance and I have to say that I am really impressed with your table and chairs! So inspiring 🙂

  2. Hi sweetie! I love your blog as well. Glad to see how awesome you’ve been doing. I have to credit most of my cooking prowess to you when I cook down in NC. I think I’d still be making Mac n’ Cheese from the box instead of stuff that makes my cohort want to go down on me ;P Miss you! -T

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