Reasons I love my job #684: Homework = Making dinner with my little sister.

September 23, 2008

Working in the food world means that you don’t get weekends off. I’m over it – because it means that while everyone else is working, I get to have a my days off entirely to myself. And on these days off – I inevitably wander back to my place of employment. So yesterday after having getting tea with Ji Hye, I went to Shaman Drum to pick up “The Flavor Bible”, my new encyclopedia for all things food related.

This book alphabetically lists over 600 foods, flavors, cuisines; it serves as a sort of cullinary bibliography of compatible flavors. Its written by the Zagats people, and took 11 years to compile. I am in awe of this book, and I’m not the only one – its been getting a ton of press in the food-nerd-blogosphere.

So after getting my hands on this wonderful book, I had to show it off to my coworkers. It turns out that we were playing a little game which entailed bringing home any half-used mysterious sample jar, under the pretense that you had to cook something awesome with it and share how you used it.

So I found a jar of Crystal peppers from Spain. Ari calls them the “Foie Gras of Peppers”. They can be eaten alone, or with bread. I wanted to make something really fun and unique.

So this was result of my brainstorming – “A Spaniard in Tuscany – Crystal Pepper Fettucine with Serrano Ham and shaved Manchego”.

Here is about 3 T. of crushed Crystal Peppers.

I kneaded the crushed peppers with 2 T. of Spanish olive oil, 1t. salt, and 2 C. flour

Here is the finished lump of dough – which was then wrapped in plastic and left to rest in the fridge for an hour.

I picked up Allie from band practice and she helped me make pasta.  I really don’t think its necessary to use a pasta roller – its pretty easy to roll it out by hand with a rolling pin.

The peppers turned the dough such a beautiful color!

The pasta only had to cook for a couple minutes.  After it was done we tossed it lightly with some olive oil, a couple ounces of shaved Manchego, chopped basil, and a few slices of chopped up Serrano ham.  It was delicious!

Here’s Allie Enjoying hers.

After dinner we used a few chunks of bread to sop up all the leftover bits of Manchego and Serrano.

All in all I give the meal 5 stars: its hard to beat cooking and eating with my little sister, bonus points for getting to count it as “homework”!



  1. You make me proud little chica – very proud! Love you a million elephants! I’m very hungry right now — Mom

  2. We’re delighted to know that you’ve discovered our new book THE FLAVOR BIBLE, and that it has already been spurring your own delicious creations!

    Best wishes,
    Karen Page & Andrew Dornenburg
    Co-Authors, THE FLAVOR BIBLE

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