More DIY madness and thrift shop finds!

July 28, 2008

So I have to say, one of my big discovery’s upon entering the “community” of Ann Arbor, is the vast array of thrift shops tucked away in A2’s downtown. My two favorite’s right now, are the Treasure Mart, and the Saturday morning Kiwanis Rummage sale.

On Saturday morning, Heidi and I wandered down to the Kiwanis rummage sale for the first time. The rummage sale gets picked over early on, but if you’re looking for really cheap decent quality anything, you can probably find it there. Heidi found a really cute set of stainless steel mixing bowls, and I managed to score this cute little pot for $2

I absolutely love the look of chrome and enamel. Moreover, I love cute little unique pretty kitchen things that you can’t find at all the major kitchen retailers. Unfortunately the inside of the pot was chipped and wouldn’t be very useful in cooking. So I decided to make it into a potted plant.

I found the plant at Downtown Home & Garden, and they helped me pot it. I was so impressed with their customer service. The store itself is wonderful, and I fear that I can never step foot inside it again. They sell my absolute favorite pretty kitchen things, and this means serious danger for my wallet.

The treasure mart, has become my enabler in the past few weeks. Located only a block away from where I work, it also ranks high on my monetary alert system. Every day they have new pretty things to offer. Milkglass, antique bottles, fiestaware, everything is wonderful.

In my persuit of pretty kitchen things, I’ve managed to snag a few at the treasure mart.

Here is a La Creuset teapot, in perfect condition. Sold for a mere $10.

Next we have fish-jug and Pig-jar. Fish-jug was a graduation present from my aunts and uncles. Since I love to bake, for the past few years I’ve wanted a kitschy, but classy, cookie jar. Something to remind my Grammy’s Buddha cookie jar that pretty much defined my summer’s at Burt Lake when I was little. So of course, at Treasure Mart, I managed to find this kitschy-ish, white pig shaped cookie jar. It sort of matches the fish jug. They are going to be best friends…

Last but not least (mom you are going to kill me) Last Saturday morning after Heidi and I went to the Rummage sale, we hit up the Treasure mart again. And I found this Nambe vase/utensil holder. Now, one of the great things about the treasure mart, is that for every month an item sits on the shelf, it goes down 10%.

So this awesome vase, was originally between $150 and $250. It was a little scratched up so they sold it at TM for $30, and then after sitting on the shelf for 6 months… heheh, I got it for a steal.

So that’s it – I can never set foot in any of these fine establishments ever again. But I think its safe to say that my pretty kitchen is pretty much on its way to realization. Khee!

Love, Sweatergirl

Don’t judge me…


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