DIY Madness + Table Progress

July 28, 2008

In an earlier post I mentioned that I had picked up a “Fixer-Upper” cherry table set from a nice lady who had run out of storage space for her pre-depression era, family antique.

So I spent many hours in my unventilated basement, huffing fumes, and stripping the former shellac off the wood. Only to find that what was a “solid cherry table” was actually a cherry veneer on the top, solid cherry on the table legs, and then a “fruit wood” on the remainder of the table and the chairs. Not really a big deal, I got the set for dirt cheap, and it is a beautiful design. With this in mind, I decided that it would be impossible to get the non-cherry wood to match the cherry top. So I threw all caution to the wind and decided to paint the chairs black, with black accents on the non-cherry parts of the table. Tres chic.

Above is my table after 6 coats of a rub-on matte polyurethane finish on the top, and two coats on the legs.

These are the very awesome chairs that match the table. They still have to be re-glued and fixed up a bit (one of my mom’s builder friends is reconstructing the support beams on one of the chairs for me!) but once they are in tip-top shape I’ll paint them black. The design-ey fabric is from IKEA. Who knew that their apholstry fabric was so affordable and sexy?

And finally, here is my table in all of its splendor, with 7 coats of polyurethane on the top, 4 on the legs, and the first coat of matte-black.

Once this is finished, I’m going to send it to Design Sponge’s before and after. I think I have a good sporting chance.



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