July 27, 2008

Want to know my deep dark secret?

Well, probably fairly obvious by now…

I love kitchens.

I love everything about them, and I’m silently biding my time, wishing, and waiting, until next month when I get to move into my first post-college house with the beautiful kitchen that comes with it. I have so many ideas running through my head. The perfect vision of what I want it to look and feel like. All of the sudden I’ve found myself plunging into the depths of interior design magazines, garnering wonderful happy ideas.

But I don’t want a mitch-matchy-cutesy kitchen. Nothing you’d find in Martha Stewart, or god forbid, Sandra Lee’s kitchens. I want an eclectic, fun, retro, unique, livable kitchen. I want bright colors, unmatched coffee mugs, vintage bottles, herbs growing in scavenged pots in pans, shelves for all sorts of first edition used cookbooks. And its taking every power of restraint in my body to not move in this second. Is this what I’ve been reduced to? Some sort of maniac who cares more about finding the perfect cast iron skillet, than, say, all the other much more important problems in the world.

Well, my materialistic snobbery aside… In less than a month, I will have a beautiful kitchen.

Holy crap I’m excited.

So now I’ll share with you my reeking obsession.  Three cheers to all the beautiful happy kitchens that I adore.
and hopin’
and thinkin’
and prayin’
and plannin’
bare brick
and dreamin’

sigh. I wasn’t kidding when I said that my chief motivation through my senior year was that one day… one sweet wonderful day, I would have a beautiful kitchen.

How lame is that?

But this last one (pictured above) is possibly my favorite, and most easily obtainable. And in all my free time, I’ve been getting closer to obtaining that goal.

Lofty, I know 😉

So there’s been the table project, which, although far from completion, is getting there, and will be lovely when its finished. Then there is the DIY spice rack idea I stole from Allison (www.myaimistrue.com)

spice rack

When mom came to visit I got the magnetic knife racks from IKEA. I was inspired by Vaughn Austin not to use the cheap watchmaker tins from Lee Valley Tools, but to go with nice Kamenstein alternatives from Pfaltzgraff which are not only less expensive, but are also obviously made for holding spices (and area a great DIY hack of the much more expensive designer set that runs upwards of $100.

So instead of spending that obscene amount, I spent a total of around $30 – for a sweet spice/knife rack.

Alas, its late.  More on my DIYing/Pretty kitchen things later.

Ciao, G


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