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Stuff *cough* I Like – Dinner Parties

April 19, 2008

I had my first grown-up dinner party last night. I had a few of my bestest friends over for dinner, Lauren & John and Lauren & Clayton. I put the crappy college dinner table out on the front porch with my Ikea lamp, two-buck-chuck bottles of wine cleaned and filled with flowers, mason jars with tea candles, and “linens” that I stole from home.

Pretty dinner

mama would be so proud

For dinner I made no-knead bread (which Lauren M thought I bought 🙂 ), tuscan butterflied chicken, asparagus sauteed with bacon, and greek garlic-lemon roasted potatoes (from CI International Cookbook)

Here’s the boy showing Mr. Chicken “what we do to wise guys.”

My bad boy carvin mr. chicken

And true to form, my buddies brought over bottles of wine, jazz was in the background, and we busied ourselves with lighthearted conversation while dinner was finishing up.

chillin in the kitchen

For dessert we had Nic’s Dad’s Apple pie, which has a roux! Possibly the most labor intensive pie I’ve ever made, if only because I screwed up the roux the first time around. (Don’t get snotty and brown the butter, it f’s things up.)

Finally we went to the spring formal for TBS KKY, where we danced the night away and generally had a great time.

cute couples

Other than that, graduation looms ever closer. I still have a major paper to write (Comparative analysis of privatization in China and Russia in the mid-nineties and its affect on labor policy), along with two exams. Thankfully, I finished Zvi’s paper of doom; for the first time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – rather than a train.

Here’s to a great spring,