This is how I block it!

December 18, 2007

Block out with your fender amplifier out.

tomorrow after my exams I’ll finally get to go home for Christmas, a full week after most of my friends finished, how does that work out? Anyways, today I realized that I still needed to block a rather lumpy Christmas gift. I improvised with a towel, my lap-desk, and my fender amp. I figured it might be funny enough to warrant sharing with the world.


Exams have stolen my knitting mojo, my Intelligentsia sweater has made barely any progress since thanksgiving. I’ve ripped out each sleeve a total of three times, and I think its time for professional help. I’ll forgo the romantic notion of designing my own sweater pattern this time around.


And finally, the beautiful cashmere/wool scarf I was making for my Dad’s present hasn’t made any progress since I casted on a few weeks ago. Sign, I was so motivated!


Hopefully he wont mind getting an unfinished present for Christmas. I still have a few ideas up my sleeve.

And now its time to go back to studying for my back-to-back 400 level history exams tomorrow. Woot! Have a great Christmas everyone, I hope to see you all soon!

Love, Sweatergirl


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