Thanksgiving fun!

November 28, 2007

I got a brief respite after finishing my gigantic research paper on “The loss of the front porch in American suburban architecture” which was just about as much fun as it sounds. Just before coming home I got hit with a really crappy cold that totally knocked me down – but at least it knocked me down while I was home, so I could share it with my family!

Thanksgiving was great, my mom and I brined a turkey which was tender and delicious. As you can see, thanksgiving was delicious and bountiful – with all the trappings of family and whatnot.

Unsettling gravy
(the gravy from hell – it just wouldn’t set)

On black friday we slept through all the nasty shopping madness (hate!) and cozied up to Lizzie Anne’s with Lemonjello’s coffee and knitting at hand. I loved seeing you all! And I’m sorry to those of you I missed (Mary and Michele! Christmas I promise!). People drooled over my Intelligentsia Raglan, and hopefully it helped Lindie sell some Tahki Donegal Tweed ­čśë

Knitting at Lizzie Anne's

My only real crafting accomplishment is that I made a tea-cozy for my little cute porcelain teapot I got a few years ago. My friend said it reminds him of Dobby – which is telling I suppose.

Cozy tea

I made it out of a wool sweater from the salvation army that was felted. It was fun. Not much more on that subject.

Life now consists of finishing up various knitted gifts, applying for jobs (shit…), sending in my art school portfolio, and exams. How come my upper level history classes always have their finals within an hour of each other? That’s way too many dates to cram for… uggh.


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