Dear Santa,

November 28, 2007

I’ve been a good girl this year. (sorta)

The Best International Recip

I fell in love with this cookbook today when I was at Borders. It’s written by the authors of cook’s illustrated and it has all the snotty international recipes I’ve been struggling with, curries, pad thai, paella, it even has a recipe for Naan – which as I predicted would be awesome made in a caste iron skillet in lieu of a tandoori oven. Its awesome, its amazing. I wants.

Retro Aprons

If you give a girl an international cookbook written by cooks illustrated, she will surely want a retro apron from anthropologie in order to fully exude domestic snobbery in her college kitchen crack-den.

long jeans

Mmmm long inseams, ’nuff said.

ten faces of innovation

I read through both the Ten faces of innovation and the Art of Innovation – I have to say I like this one better because it outlines exactly what it takes to work at IDEO. How awesome would that be? Umm yeah.


And finally – a tall cozy bathrobe. Because I’m sick of running in a towel to the bathroom in a house that doesn’t heat well…

Thank you santa, I’ll leave cheze and carrats for your raindeer.



  1. dear KT,

    how’s it going? As a casual reader of your blog, I was curious, what are you doing next year? Any clue? At this point last year, I had absolutely no clue, so don’t worry if you dont.

    If you and anyone else would like an exotic spring break destination, consider Washington DC. I can provide housing and I will take you to restaurants owned by Salvadorans and Burmese and Peruvians.

  2. Hey Kate, Just wanted to say hello, went to knitting at your house a couple of Thursdays ago and sang with your Dad to Sweet Baby James, it was great fun even though I can’t sing as well as Amy. Ray is in jail and I am loving Frank, see you at Xmas!! Nancy

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