Intellegensia Raglan / Cast iron fun!

November 8, 2007


Here’s the progress I’ve made on my self proclaimed Intellegentsia raglan. And on a similarly cheesy note, I’m glad to have joined the top down revolution. I’m following Stephanie Japel’s instructions for her top down cardigan but I’ve modified it a bit and added this lurvly cable design. I finally just taught myself how to do cables – OH MY GOD its so easy that I’m totally kicking myself for taking this long to buckle down and learn it. The yarn I’m using is a really nice aran tweed (Tahki Homespun Donegal Tweed). I can’t wait to sit in my favorite hole in the wall cafe to flirt with grad students over… “Socialism and the disappearance of the front porch from American architecture” God, I can’t wait to write that paper, due in two weeks. ugh.

In other procrastinatory news, I’ve been playing around with the our cast iron skillet. On Sunday I made a beef stew and a caramelized onion pan bread. The stew was basic, and the bread was easy. I used the recipe from my copy of “How to Cook Everything” which I stole from my mom last time I was at home. Basically you just caramelize the onions and smush the dough over it and cook it in the skillet. It forms this amazing caramelized onion crust on the bottom of the bread. The only thing I would change in this recipe was that the bread was kind of bland, I’m thinking it might be really good with dried rosemary sprinkled in the dough would be perfect.


Tonight I made another great dinner with the skillet. I made a pan seared butterflied chicken with potatoes. I had a bunch of potatoes in my pantry that were getting close to the point of no return. So I butterflied the chicken and pan seared it skin side down in olive oil, and then I chopped up an onion and a few cloves of garlic and put it all in the middle of the pan and laid the chicken over it so that the onion garlic would steam through the chicken. Then I surrounded the entire thing in sweet/baby red potatoes. Oh boy, it was delicious. I think this is possibly the best way to cook a chicken, its so tender and amazing. I ate with my little sister Nick (yay for co-ed service sororities). I love having good food and friends to share it with, cheesy? Maybe a little…
I know it seems like I waste a lot of cooking, but this is really the first time I’ve cooked for fun this year. And then I have food for the rest of the week… at least that’s how I try to justify it .

Do I regret it? Hell no, it was delicious.



  1. the butterflied chicken looks good, ghouse. I miss you and your cooking. I also miss cast iron skillets, which for some reason I dont have here.

    Important news: I made italian red sauce for the first time since like late June. that’s 5 months without red sauce. It felt good to be back. And I made meatballs with it too, but not just any meatballs, turkey meatballs. Low in fat, high in protein.

    also, i’m glad you liked the aprons. domestic chic is hot.

    Any chance that tofu pie recipe will be posted?

  2. also, the kitchen looks cleaner than I remember. nice work.

  3. Hey Katie, I just spoke to my son, Alex, he said that “Frank” is to be released here next week. That is AW’S first CD , which I am sure you know. It was great to talk to you and I hope to see you Friday!!!
    Have a great Thanksgiving,and say hi to me and Mr. Jones! Nancy

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