Delaying bedtime to knit…

November 1, 2007

So I stayed up late to finish my ribbed shrug. Its a little bit too small for me and since I think Allie would really love it its going to be her x-mas present (Shhh no one tell!). Here are some pictures:


My housewife didn’t feel like taking the effort to get off the couch to take the photo so the quality kind of sucks. I guess you can only ask for so much at 2 am. Well – time for bed.

Ciao, Sweatergirl



  1. Hey there SG, the shrug turned out great! Wasn’t it worth FROG-ing? Now that you have the pattern down you can make one for yourself. Don’t sweat the thumbs on the mittens…do them or you’ll be like me with so many UFO’s you won’t be able to count them. That’s when you know your a knitting addict beyond recovery. Just tell yourself, “Burrr my thumbs are cold, burrr my thumbs are cold…”. By the way, start saving your pennies ’cause Lindy is checking out the new Rowan spring yarns today!!!

  2. For those who are interested in domestic chic: Anthropologie has a bunch of hip aprons. How do I know that? How do you think I know that?


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