October 30, 2007


I was a rather gifted unknitter as a two year old. Mom finally dug up this picture which I think is pretty hilarious. Luckily she didn’t get mad at me – and chose to reach for the camera.

I’m getting pretty far on the ribbed shrug which I decided will be Allie’s Christmas present (somehow she’s gone from tomboy science nerd to lover of everything pink?!) Because its a bit two small for me and I don’t feel like frogging it to make it bigger.

Just got my invitation to ravelry, so I’ll have to check it out later when I have the time. My name is thesweatergirl – because sweatergirl was already taken.

Umm… what else? The video is finished and it was great so now after working a total of 41 hours last week on the video I can move on to smaller projects. Oh, Michele, my drawing professor (Nancy Thayer) teaches at CCS and she’s pushing me to go to Cranbrook for grad school in product/industrial design so I won’t have to repeat my undergraduate. She thinks I can get in with potential for scholarships. Today for class we had a field trip to the Frankel’s art collection which was pretty cool.

Other then that I’m out the door to go lifeguard.

Cya, Sweatergirl



  1. “Today for class we had a field trip to the Frankel’s art collection which was pretty cool.”

    Easier just to say it was pretty cool than go into a long introspective yarn (pun intended!) on what is art!

  2. Katey,

    I recognize Nancy Thayer’s name. If she thinks you can go straight to Cranbrook with a scholarship to boot, then I say “go for it”!!! I still think you should definitely do the product/industrial design thing no matter where you do it. Well, within reason that is 😉


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