The Hundred Sweaters

October 30, 2007

One of my favorite books when I was little was “The Hundred Dresses” by Eleanor Estes. The book is about a girl who gets teased for wearing the same ratty blue dress to school everyday – though she claims to have a hundred dresses at home. In the end she gets teased to the point that she doesn’t go back to school, but sends the one hundred drawings of her dresses to the mean girls at school. The girls feel bad and nothing actually gets resolved.

moral of the story: Don’t tease polish immigrants – they’ll send you pictures of dresses.

Well this is a crappy transition, but I remembered this story earlier tonight while I was sketching some sweater designs I want to try this year, hopefully the mean sorority girls won’t tease me for wearing the same ratty Michigan hoodie to school.

The first sweater is incorporates a few of the ideas I’ve gotten from fashion lately. I’ve seen a hole bunch of empire waist sweaters on the market that go down to the mid thigh. I think the empire waist looks flattering on pretty much any body type.  I’m going to have slightly flared out sleeves and about 2-3 inches of garter stitch on the bottom of the sleeves/hem of the sweater to help it keep its shape.  I thought I’d mix this with the kimono neckline that was really hot last summer but use braided cabling to give it a more Nordic look. Which reminds me of one of my neighbors from home, “You look nothing like the rest of your family! You look so much more [dramatic pause] Scandinavian!”

Anyways, here’s the idea – Nordic Pin-up hoodie, knit in a crappy purple cheap wool tweed from fiber fest. (Since, as I’m sure my mom will note – this sweater probably won’t be stylish ten years from now)
Nordic Pin-up hoodie design
Nordic Pin-up hoodie

The next sweater is my “Intelligentsia Raglan” Its going to be a pretty basic top-down raglan with just enough shaping to make it a lazy-but-cute-because-I-have-way-too-much-studying-to-do-to-care-what-I-look-like-even-though-I-spent-an-hour-making-my-hair-look-perfectly-messy sweater…

I’m using some brown yummy donegal tweed my mom gave me few weeks ago. I think I’m going to make this sweater first, because I can’t wait to wear it while sipping tea and simultaneously flirting with the grad-school hipsters at cafe ambrosia. Well, at least I’m honest. I guess.
Intellegentsia Raglan design
intellegentsia ragla

And now for the projects I’m actually working on; here’s my progress on the ribbed shrug from fitted knits:
Allie's Shrug (that hopefully she won't find out about)

And here are my poor neglected fingerless mittens. With a little more than a month left of band, and cold weather on its way you’d think I’d buckle down for an hour and finish up the thumbs. But my motivation is null. Ech, I should really finish these up, unless I’m planning on giving them to Allie when she inevitably joins the band next year.
fingerless mitten procrastination

Well I think that’s all for now. I guess I’ll have plenty of stuff to keep me warm when I become a homeless history major next year. (AHHHHHHH!) This job hunt is making me understand why my friends postpone the inevitable by going straight to grad school. Go straight to grad school, do not pass go, do not collect cash – for a long long time.

Oh P.S. thank you Aunt JuJu for the umbrella swift. BALLA!



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