Stress induced anuerisms.

October 21, 2007

knitting in uniform
Well I’ll start out with a happy thing before I start freaking out. Above is my senior picture that will be in the Senior Video for the MMB’s Senior Band Parent’s Banquet next weekend. I’m working on my pink ribbed shrug – the goal is to wear it TO the banquet. Originally I was hoping to use a picture of me as a two year old – happily unraveling one of my mom’s sweaters. But the picture seems to be lost so isntead my baby picture is:
Adorable baby picture.

which I think captures the same thing – I’m domestic… get it?

Anyways, here is the progress of my little pink shrug
IMG_3543 IMG_3542

I’ve finished both sleeves and now I’m adding the ribbing. I’m in love with the simplicity of this pattern. Definitly an absent minded-knit, which is great, considering that I’m about to blow my brains out over the senior band video. The video mentioned above…? Yeah I’m kind of in charge of it. I spent six hours yesterday editing, all of which I found out today wasn’t saved properly, so I lost everything and had to start from scratch. I just about cried. So this morning at 7 am until noon I brought myself back to the point I was at last night – this time double and triple checking that it was saved correctly.

The only thing that keeps me from having a complete breakdown is that Macs are really terrific computers. The video editing software is easy, and all the programs are interfaced brilliantly so it makes importing pictures yada yada yada insanely easy. Easy – but still time consuming.

I have another ten hours of work cut out for me on this video easy, not to mention a ten page research paper on papal infallibility due Tuesday, a huuge midterm on Thursday, and enough reading and various assignments to ensure that I won’t be getting sleep anytime soon.

Thank GOD on Saturday night (the banquet) this will all be over. And then I can just curl up into a dark corner and rock back and forth until the demons disappear.

So now I’m off to the Mac lab to work on this paper/video until it closes at midnight. For those of you I’ve failed to get in touch with (I mean YOU Michelle) I’m so sorry! I’ll write back, promise.

Love, Sweatergirl


One comment

  1. Hi Katey,
    Hang in there girl. Sounds like your running at warp speed! I know you’ll get back to me when you can. I was bummed that I missed you when you were home but now I love the fact that I can catch up with you by reading your blog. Glad you’re finding that the Mac’s work for ya. Maybe I can see you during Thanksgiving Break, call me whenever.


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