Home again home again.

October 17, 2007

I just got back from Holland for a great weekend of sitting around, knitting, and enjoying life in general. Now that I’m back at school I’ve resumed my life of being insanely stressed out with more papers and exams then should be permissable.


While I was home I got to see a few of my friends at Lizzie Anne’s who I’ve missed a lot since going back to school. Over the summer I stopped at Lizzie Anne’s nearly every day on my way back from work to sit and knit. I attribute the complete loss of my summer earnings to this somewhat expensive habit – but as I told my mom, at least now I won’t have to buy yarn for the whole next year! (hah!)

Speaking of yarn my mom gave me a really pretty brown tweed that I can’t wait to use in a slouchy comfy sweater I designed. I’m going to attempt a top-down raglan pullover with a cable in the center. It looks fairly easy, and if I can get the bust dart decreases to work it might even be cute enough to submit to knitty. Too bad I have to knit it first…

The other day I had a moment of realization when I realized the only reason I hate fashion is because I can’t afford it. Given the opportunity I would probably be as soulless as the next with big acrylic beads and a patent leather purse. That being said, I really should scan in the designs I come up with on the margins of my notes.

Pictures from the weekend to come – after I commit to writing a paper on Papal Infallibility (6 pages due tomorrow with an in class exam in the same class)



One comment

  1. hi sweatergirl,

    I came across your blog whilst looking for recipes online. I came looking for a recipe for Tofu Pie, but alas none here yet. Do you know where I could find a recipe for tofu pie?? I love desserts that are low fat, high protein!

    also, i like your latest artwork. the noir stuff is cool.

    Beat it up,
    -Slacking at Work

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