Time to start blogging.

October 11, 2007

This morning I woke up at 7 am with the inspiration to finish of my Little Red Riding Hoodie from the book “Dominitrix”. You see, I had knit the sweater over the course of the summer when my goal had been to knit entirely out of my mom’s absolutely insane knitting stash. This venture later failed when I found insanely cheap Noro (see square neck sweater vest above), however, at the beginning I was relatively successful. My mom had 24 skeins of this absolutely luscious Rowan Artic. She was originally making a poncho for my Aunt Julie, but she got busy in the heat of spinning. Note: I come from a long line of strong crafty women. Anywhoo, the Rowan Polar is a bulky yarn alpaca wool blend, and for the course of a year I was trying to figure out how to use this beautiful yarn to make my first sweater. Finally last summer Lyndi at Lizzie Ann’s Wool showed me the book “Dominitrix” and I instantly fell in love. I knit the sweater during my lunch breaks at my internship much to the amusement of the other engineers.

However, when I finished, I had forgotten to stretch out the ribbing while piecing together the sweater. And so, my beautiful bulky comfy sweater was a bit sloppy, and it got thrown in the back of my closet to be sad and forgotten…

Until this morning! I woke up in my chilly student housing crack den this morning with a cough so obnoxious that I couldn’t get back to sleep. So I embarked on the hour long journey to finish this sweater off right.

Little Red Riding hoodie
On the front there are some pretty sweet buttons that Nancy and Lyndie helped me pick out.
And if you squint really hard you can make out the shadow of a flour de lis I knit onto the back.

And the peasants rejoiced!
The end – Sweatergirl


One comment

  1. Hey Girly Girl, What kind of f**kery is this? Love the blog and I can not believe how great your knitting is going. Mom keeps us informed with updates, but we miss you. Hope to run into you when you are home, Amy W.
    P.S. Trying to Stay out of Rehab!!!!!!

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