Square Neck Vest

October 11, 2007

To start off: I am absolutely in love with Stephanie Japel. Not only is she 6′ tall, but she is a knitting genius, as well the author of Fitted Knits. Fitted knits is glorious, the projects are cute (I would knit each one if I had the $$$) and they are FITTED! Which means, for tall girls like me, that you can knit projects that not only fit your bust, but are long enough. Praise Jebus.

So this is my first project, well second actually, after I had to frog the rectangle tunic. I got the yarn from this vest at a yarn shop in holland that was going out of business. I got the Noro for 70% off – a steal, if I will. So I bought everything they had in stock and it turned out that the five skeins were exactly enough to make this little number.




Cheers! Sweatergirl



  1. Super hot, I like the guitar hero pose!

  2. I have to say…the vest looks much better in person! It was good to see you. Sorry about frogging your shrug, but you’ll be happy you did. The color is fun and I can’t wait to see it done.
    Give us a scream when your coming into town and we’ll meet at the shop to knit!!!

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