Ongoing projects

October 11, 2007

Just a quick point by point summary of what’s going on in my knitting projectory right now.

Fingerless Mittens:

I’m in the marching band as a clarinet player so I really need fingerless mittens that will keep my fingers toasty when its rainy and miserable in October and November of the marching band season. I made up the pattern myself using Socks that Rock fingering yarn – with perfectly appropriate maize and blue stripes. The top of the mitten flips over to make your fingers usable (because I wasn’t motivated enough to chart out individual fingers and/or use a real pattern :0) I also reverse purled a block M on the back of the hand and on the front of the flap. Last week when the temperature soared to 95 (105 in the stadium on Saturday) I lost all motivation to finish off the thumbs, but now that the temperature is steadily dropping it looks like I’ll have to salvage that motivation.

Fingerless mittens 3

Fingerless Mittens 2

Fingerless Mittens 1

Last but not least, here is the humble beginning to my ribbed shrug, another pattern from “Fitted Knits”. It will be cute, pink and if all goes well will hopefully pair perfectly with my homemade 50’s housewife sundress.

All of this will of course call for another 50’s esque appliance photo shoot in my crap heap of a college kitchen.

Ribbed Shrug

Hopefully I’ll make a lot of progress this weekend on my ride to and from Holland. I’m ready for this extended weekend!



One comment

  1. Hey there Sweatergirl, it’s me! I just found your blog and I must say that it pretty cool. So your headed here this weekend, huh? Well, I’ll be working at the shop (LIZZIE ANN’S WOOL CO.), on Monday morning, so haul your knitting butt in and show me the Polar sweater if you have it with you…I didn’t get to help in the button choosing fun.

    The shop has been rockin this week with the Red Scarf Project Knit-in. We had a good turn out, and a lot of fun. Your mom was there, and your aunt Julie too. Ah, good times…miss you though. Come see me on Monday at work!!

    Knit On…

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